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2014-Jul-31 - Microsoft confirmed that the developer preview users will automatically receive Windows Phone 8.1 update 1

Microsoft officially display Windows Phone 8.1 update for the first time yesterday, although some problems still developer preview how users can upgrade to get improvements. According to Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, the Windows Phone team execution, users do not need to do anything. 
In response to user asked if he has been downgraded, and then install the developer preview again, Belfiore said the update will be automatically pushed to your smartphone in the preview program. As Microsoft announced yesterday that the update sometime next week developer preview version of the user, although the exact date yet to be determined.
"If you camdenkrupala WP 8.1 DP now, you do not need to do anything, you will be automatically updated in the next week to 8.1 1. 
- Joebelfiore (joebelfiore) July 31, 2014 
Windows Phone 8.1 update will bring a number of small but requires changes, such as the combination of a packet of a single tile and tile a new life for the ability to Windows Phone store. Many new features, some of the specific areas, such as Microsoft put Cortana specialization of new markets such as China and the UK 
Technology blog CNET reported that Microsoft recently announced that the company's new tablet Surface 2 is close to sold out. However, insiders said, this is not impressive performance, probably because of lack of Microsoft Surface 2 available memory. 
Microsoft on its official blog, said: "version 64G Surface 2 and version 256G, 512G Surface Pro 2 close to sold out." But the industry are not buying it, saying others do not speak aside, this news is a great marketing initiatives, this does not mean a great demand for flat Surface 2, Microsoft's stock is actually low performance. 
When Microsoft introduced the first generation of Surface tablet, once the rally using this method, but the result is clear to everyone. July, Microsoft announced Surface due to poor performance and writedowns related to $ 900 million, compared, Surface, Microsoft only bring $ 853 million in revenue, indeed make ends meet. 
Therefore, even if Microsoft has added product supply, this situation will not last long. When the first generation of Surface RT release, Microsoft adequate supply, resulting in a large backlog of products. 
Although Microsoft is still possible to achieve good results, but considering HP, Dell, Lenovo and other manufacturers have Win 8.1 tablet notebook Mixed product launch, Surface 2 faces competitive pressure is not small. 
Up to now, Microsoft has not yet announced Surface 2 sales data, the company spokesman declined to comment on the news
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2014-Jul-31 - At home can see the beauty of Microsoft to push a variety of topics Win8.1

May Day holiday, many of my friends have to travel great views, but stay home or friends still working and do not envy. Recently, Microsoft has introduced a number of new windows8.1 theme, material, respectively, from the world's major famous views of the city, so you will be able to enjoy the unique charm of the homes in these cities. windows8.1 New York City series theme (images from neowin) The windows8.1 city series theme famous New York, contains a total of 19 photos, all from the photographer johnnylam. This world's largest and busiest city in addition to being known for a variety of landmarks in New York under his lens to highlight the city of its humanistic side. windows8.1 City Series Japanese themes (images from neowin) Japan is one of the themes from works by 15 photographers kazuonakadai common components. Japan topics including Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama, and other famous cities, demonstrated its bustling cities. windows8.1 city series Canada Manny Tony Theme (images from neowin) and as one of the central prairie provinces of Canada Manny Tony theme is focused on the performance of natural beauty. Manny Tony unrivaled natural grassland scenery, even as the "Sunshine in Canada are" tired of the bustling city, relax and return to nature is also a good choice. windows8.1 flame theme (images from neowin) in addition to topics outside the city, many windows8.1 theme of this new theme also includes a flame from marcschroeder, the ever-changing exhibit is a flame from the beauty of nature, I believe this topic should be very suitable for winter use. 
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2014-Jul-31 - Microsoft is creating to help drive the use of special Chinese team

Last night, Joe Belfiore reiterated Microsoft's focus on and commitment to the Chinese market. In the launch party for Cortana in China, announced the vice president of Windows Phone, Microsoft will create a special Beijing team to create tailor-made for the Chinese market project. 
Reveals a complete microblogging account and hinted at future projects specifically for the region. The message read: 
We have done our Corps Cortana work is quite specific Chinese ...... In fact, we are forming a Beijing research group in my group focused on China's specific work, computers, mobile phones and tablets. A lot of good things to come! 
Ke Tana, Microsoft's personal assistant received a lot of work to be customized for the Chinese people and culture better. So it looks and acts completely different from regular AI found in other regions. But Microsoft is convinced that this is the way forward, the specific experience of the cropped area of the company is nothing new. 
A permanent team in Beijing, the design of new projects and the specific characteristics of the region, can prove a great strategy. If Microsoft to capture a decent Chinese market success of Windows Phone can finally see the obvious adoption, and ultimately financial. 
However, all of which are some of Microsoft and the Chinese government seems to be who is going to tensions between the software maker. I hope the full team here will contribute to this relationship, and does not have its own office. 
Mobile Internet era, the United States, Microsoft retrieve past glory task falls new CEO Satya Nadella hands. This Indian-born veteran of Microsoft, announced that he would focus after taking office was to create a "mobile first, the cloud of the first world." 
???? Announced by Microsoft on the 4th Nadella to replace Steve Ballmer as CEO. He became Microsoft's 38-year history of any head 3. After the announcement, Nadella said in the video section of the network, he will be better for the company's employees, partners and customers to make Microsoft software occupied the central position, change the Internet lifestyle. 
???? "We live in a cloud first, the movement of the first in the world," Nadella said, "We are building a world where everything will be done through software." 
???? Nadella previously either Microsoft cloud computing and enterprise business department. Although this sector is small, but the business is developing rapidly. Users can pay to use Microsoft's cloud computing products, obtained from a remote server supports. This business with Microsoft to differ materially from traditional business is seen as a new way to make money Microsoft. 
???? Addition to continuing the development of cloud computing business, one of the first tasks facing Nadella after taking office to complete the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business. The total acquisition amounted to $ 7.3 billion, is intended to promote Microsoft's own "Windows" mobile phone software to compete with Apple and Google dominate the mobile phone software market. 
???? Nadella said that since more and more people and companies to use the same in a smart phone or tablet at home, Microsoft must develop new software to connect the two worlds, and to ensure that information security is not threatened. Meanwhile, Nadella's "battle plan" also includes attract consumers to buy used Microsoft Surface Tablet PC and the Xbox video game consoles. 
???? Microsoft founder Bill Gates's first chief executive, will serve as a consultant Nadella, use third time to study the Microsoft products and technologies.
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2014-Jul-31 - Two new Microsoft phone received close to launch

Microsoft is said to be the work of two new mobile phones, code-named "Tesla" and "Superman," familiar with the company claims. Stephen Elop devices, Microsoft's chief, showing the phone in the internal meeting, on the verge of reporting. 
It's no secret that Microsoft has been working on a "questionable call", now called "Superman." The device is expected to have 5 million pixel front facing camera has a problem ", as well as a 4.7-inch display. Rumored specifications include a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, memory and internal storage of 8 GB 1 GB." Problematic "the phone may be the third or fourth week of release in August, will be available from aT & T and Verzion, claimed. 
In addition to "Superman", there are rumors circulating in the Lumia 730 for some time, and sources familiar with the company's reports, the device may soon be unveiled. Stephen describes the handset codenamed "Tesla", probably inherited the Lumia 720, the company's internal meeting this week described it as an "affordable high-end mobile phones." On the verge of reporting the new device will be similar to Lumia 930, although it will be significantly thinner, smaller size. Previous rumors speculated that the phone features 5 inches 720p screen, snapdragon processor 400 and Zeiss rear camera, although claiming that Microsoft will try to edge PureView camera at a lower price point. 
Recent news indicates that release date is approaching, and the phones will work with Windows 8.1 gdr1. 
Informed sources, Microsoft is developing a code for the & ldquo; mclaren & rdquo;'s new flagship smartphone, introduced its new kinect gesture control capabilities to support 3dtouch user interface. According expected, mclaren will be officially released this fall, will then visit the United States four major network carriers. It is reported that the positioning mclaren is lumia1020 successor, it will use 3dtouch user interface that allows users without having to touch the screen to be able to interact with the device. And lumia1020 like, mclaren back will also install a powerful camera, and will bulge. News from theverge website says, 3dtouch system support on the phone to your ear to answer the phone, the phone on the table to start the loudspeaker, the phone in your pocket you can hang up the phone. Built 3dtouch phone will use many of the hardware sensors, making the equipment is covered by the chest before or mute, waving in front of the screen to turn off the notifications to remind palm. It sounds like most of the features are similar to the Samsung 3dtouch airview and airgesture function.

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2014-Jul-31 - Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 (gdr1)

Microsoft has officially announced the first Windows Phone 8.1 update, update 1. While this is not a major update, it also brings some new features, users will love. It also brought Cortana new markets, from each person's enthusiasm for Windows Phone a great thing. 
Update 1, or gdr1 as it is also called, is the first official update launch of Windows Phone 8.1. This is a preview of the software that people run to launch next week, the general situation in the near future. 
Live Folders 
First, probably the most obvious feature is bundled in gdr1 local folder. Microsoft calls these "instant folders", we know them for a long period of time because of a previous leak. Users can now be organized into folders on the application start screen, while still maintaining its field tiles. 
Folder works almost like you want it. By dragging tiles on top of each other, they will form a folder, the user can rename and move. In fact, the application still has its own live tiles give users the best of both worlds. 
Xbox Music 
The next feature to gdr1 is an improved Xbox music experience. We are constantly in the standard will be applied to the user's effort to get Xbox Music Update and update some help. According to Microsoft application loading, scrolling and general performance were improved once you apply this update. 
Moreover Xbox Music finally got a live tile, we have in Windows Phone 8.1 type, and it can be in the child's corner. 
Applications angle 
A new feature to Windows Phone through this update is named "Application corner." With it, users can apply the program in sandbox mode display. This is mainly for the purpose of business and retailers use the phone display. The whole idea is to provide access to selected users in some cases, applications. 
Other Features 
There are also some smaller features to update your device. Users can also choose to manage multiple text messages. Privacy and security through the improvement and updating a VPN and other public Wi-Fi capabilities. Storage applications will get a new life, a new interesting applications - Tile display the same in Windows 8.1 in. 
gdr1, or update one, next week will be the people who want to use the preview program. When there is no information that will blow versatility, but considering that most users have to accept Windows Phone 8.1, we have already started the next update Clearly, Microsoft is doing its best to push their release cycle.
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2014-Jul-31 - Cortana come to the UK and China; India, Australia and Canada as 'alpha' release

This is nearly four months since we first official look at Cortana, Microsoft's personal digital assistant, the Windows Phone 8.1 launch. Since then, she has provided to the 8.1 preview developers and users, recently, it has received calls Windows 8.1 update so far, and now the launch of the global equipment. 
But Cortana Only in America ...... come out until now. Today, Microsoft announced that assistant is to scroll to the United Kingdom, China, and finally localized to support those markets. 
Cortana has been extensively redesigned and strengthened her é But in this part of the world. Although considerable work clearly needs to provide support (Mandarin) in China, the transition from Britain to the United States, seemingly simple comparison. Nevertheless, Microsoft's development team is still busy when the British took her to task. 
A common language is obviously a strong foundation, established, but Cortana should be rewritten to support local accents are found abundant and diverse in the UK, for example. Different regions of the country are also used, is not widely used in other places, and these must also be included in the Cortana words, let her to interact with the user's everywhere - not just those in some areas. 
This is a considerable challenge behind Cortana team, it's one that they will continue to face them ready to launch other marketing assistant. However, they will be in the UK and China in helping them prepare in future versions more countries are very valuable development work, Marcus Gray, project manager for Cortana Group, pointed out in a tweet two weeks ago. 
"Petestensones" windowsphoneuk Thank you for your patience. Tough project, we learned a lot about scaling. Now we need to complete. 
In the UK, she became very localized content, including driving restrict air quality information and details. 
Development and engineering work, so she was ready for Chinese users in China itself do. Just like in the United States, Cortana's launch in Britain and China is a formal test, the system can not be perfect it, and you will encounter some errors and problems here and there. 
Just like in the United States, Cortana's launch in Britain and China is a formal test, the system can not be perfect it, and you will encounter some errors and problems here and there. But Cortana international travel is not the end, the United Kingdom and China. Microsoft Corp. today announced that users in Australia, India and Canada will soon be able to try Cortana, through early planning, will enable them to get an assistant "'alpha'" versions of 
Microsoft Corp. today announced that users in Australia, India and Canada will soon be able to try Cortana, through early planning, will enable them to get an assistant "'alpha'" release. This will be in English, using English language to establish a model for the United States and the United Kingdom 
Users in the United States, new features have been added to the Cortana Starting today, including improved natural language support, additional personality traits and Bluetooth support better car. Users in the United States, new features have been added to the Cortana Starting today, including improved natural language support, additional personality traits and Bluetooth support better car. 
Availability will depend on the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 release, Microsoft also announced today. 
It will begin to launch next week, and continue in the coming weeks and months. It will begin to launch next week, and continue in the coming weeks and months. This will be the developer's preview in the next week or so.

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2014-Jul-25 - LG hope to return with a new Windows Mobile 5 devices

When Windows Phone 7 launch, which is in a highly competitive market, a new operating system. For the Windows Phone is new to the people, in order to win the hearts and minds of consumers still have a long way to go. Because of this, LG decided not to let Windows Mobile, Android devices focus on. But all this will soon become a condition of anonymity, LG Electronics equipment changes have been found in adduplex data. 
For those not familiar with this company, they have released a Windows Phone monthly statistics based advertising network. For those not familiar with this company, they have released a Windows Phone monthly statistics based advertising network. In July, a little joke has been released, LG mobile phones. 
Allen mendelevich founder, adduplex the tweets today want the world to know that his company is now they see LG phones statistics. Phone, called d635, are running Windows Phone 8.1, a 720p display and a 5-inch screen. Based on these optical specifications, mainly 720P, we think this could be a mid-range phone. 
We should point out that just because the data has shown that does not mean that LG will soon release a phone; it may be internal prototype may never be released. 
We will be curious on other Windows Phones LG plans to distinguish it from the market. Given Microsoft's Lumia range covers all price points, they do not own segment. 
This is obviously a good sign, Microsoft also see more companies turn to the platform. Although we believe that the reduction Royalty Microsoft's mobile operating system may have nothing to do with it, more Microsoft Windows Phone devices already on the market, they get a better chance to move the class more market share. 
One of the coolest features, showing the construction in 2014 Windows Phone 8.1, in addition to Ke Tana, is the lock screen application that allows you to change the locks on your phone screen animation. Today, we are pleased to report that Apple is finally available for download. 
Multi-layer application customization and will really make your personal device Windows Phone users. Microsoft has said that, Windows Phone is the most personal device, and in addition to this application is a proof of their point of view. 
You can download the source code from the link below, but know that the application is still in beta, so there may be some errors here and there. In addition, users also report that the application works even if the phone 512MB RAM Microsoft says it needs 1 GB of RAM. 
If you download the app, let us know your experience. For us, we unlock've noticed between startup screen and into our slightly delayed. I hope this delay will develop once the application leaves the testing phase.
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2014-Jul-25 - Xbox people in China in September Offer

Back in April, it appears that Microsoft is planning to launch an Xbox in China, the authorities place to relax console game sales to foreign governments earlier this year, it has been from the beginning in 2000. 
America's third-largest telecom operator, China Telecom, announced that it will exclusively sell Xbox in China from September, although the exact release date has not been determined. A spokesman for the carrier told Reuters reporters, the price has not been determined. 
Xbox console rival, Sony's PlayStation 4, also will be launched in China this year. Both the Microsoft and Sony have with China Enterprise Management Console in domestic production and sales, in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and set up to help stimulate the country's foreign investment. 
While Microsoft and Sony to establish joint ventures with Chinese individual local companies, local partners, the two companies are actually controlled by the same group, Shanghai Media Group. 
Updated: wpdang reported, Xbox one will cost 3,499 yuan (about $ 565) for Xbox Kinect and one, 2,899 yuan for the Kinect free SKU, will be included in the domestic requirements of the warranty period of two years. 
Microsoft has not shame the fight remarks, they work with government agencies, allowing them to access their data will be. Edward Snowden leak, Microsoft's reputation after hit, they said the NSA to help crack the encryption key. Microsoft is not the only leak is known, but the company has established multi-billion dollar cloud business; brand needs to be protected. 
In the weeks and months these allegations, Microsoft has launched an offensive, quiet fear, its data service is compromised by the U.S. government. In the latest round of pushing back against the government, Microsoft's chief counsel, Brad Smith, conducted interviews on the subject. Recently working with the Wall Street Journal, you can watch the interview on this post. 
Comments are business as usual: the government is bad, our data is safe, the company will visit our customer information in any requests. Smith also go into more detail about why he requested and Microsoft are opposed to the government. 
We suspect that this will not be the last we hear from Microsoft on this topic. Taking into account their business cloud is a company's multibillion dollar business, they will continue to shout from the roof terrace, they are safe from all intruders, including the government.

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2014-Jul-25 - Microsoft Wireless charging Lumia 930 using apples and potatoes

Last year, Nokia demonstrated an experiment, it uses a lightning charge Lumia 925. Now, Microsoft and Carphone Warehouse has demonstrated such a crazy idea, charging smartphones, with fruits and vegetables. 
Team achievements in a number of Westfield shopping center in Shepherd's Bush external display, London's West End. The two companies had installed science lovers and artists Caleb Charan, is described as a "magnificent charging works. 
Many of you may remember from your school life, able to generate electricity from potatoes. This is because the potato is an excellent conductor of full charge to promote the flow of electrolyte, and the same applies to Apple. 
800 amazing potatoes and apples, Charan Creative Arts / Science device is called a "back", which is actually a huge "organic charger", Microsoft to show off its latest wireless charging in Windows phones flagship, the Nokia Lumia 930. He said he "never worked before, something of this size, it is a challenge. Through this large organic charger powered Lumia 930 devices, this work is a common curiosity, we are all in this world how does it work, as well as issues of global concern earth energy future. "
Microsoft's Thomas messett said after Nokia's lightning experiment, the company "actively explore another way, we can use natural energy ... We have a responsibility to ensure that we are always looking for new ways to improve the energy performance of the product." 
Fruits and vegetables needs - hundreds of feet wide and 8 feet high and more organic Lumia wireless charger charger is not as sold in convenience stores, but it is still a very clever concept. 
The next version of Microsoft's efforts to work for Windows - code-named "threshold", the company likes to talk about it. Although they rarely provide any new details, we know that the Start menu to update the operating system will be improved as well as other user interface. 
Although there are a lot of details have been leaked, there is a big question: what is known as the threshold? Logical assumption is that it will be called "Windows 9", but Microsoft will be too from another marketing barrel. Like "Windows 8.1 Update 3" has appeared with "Windows 8.2". Companies can use Windows in a new direction, called a window, it will fit a onedrive Xbox naming convention. 
We may hear the name later this year as a preview version has been rumored as time in 2015 in the retail version. While we wait for Microsoft made their own plans, let us know in the survey below the threshold you think Windows will be called.

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2014-Jul-25 - neobytes: Kimmel spectator sport Casio deception as Apple's "brand"

neobytes: is an occasional feature, you need to step back from the headlines and see what is the vast happen often with a cynical world of high-tech - Horror, always use a dose of humor. 
In the past year, there have been rumors that Apple is developing some type of wearable, by the end of 2014 to see the light of day. While some look to it, unearthed patent suggests that it may eventually be called itime. Although not much is known about the device, many people believe that it will focus on fitness and health. 
Of course, this is only a matter of time before someone will hit the streets found that people actually think Apple's upcoming wearable devices. Of course, since the device does not exist, Kimmel created a wearable Casio watches by placing a sticker on the apple. The result is a little funny. Presenters also noted the date and time of "innovative" features some of the watch, if they can continue to be displayed. 
Presenters also noted the date and time of "innovative" features some of the watch, if they can continue to be displayed. Presenters also noted that the ability to watch the display of hours, minutes, seconds, and other common features of a digital watch. Of course, the table handler with the "new" device impressed on Apple's latest products. 
See people along with the proposed use it as a fact that is always very interesting. But as we inch closer to release rumors, Apple can only hope to get a positive reaction it wearable devices. As a latecomer, Apple will face competition from a variety of competitors. 
Currently, most wearable devices are unable to capture the mass market, is still considered a device. But Apple has done so many times in the past, maybe they will finally be able to introduce a wearable, will be re-defined types, and access to global recognition. 
Bose - have been formally charged Beats Electronics, producer Dr.Dre popular "Beats By Dre" headphone line, soon to be acquired by Apple Company, noise canceling headphones technology in apparent patent infringement. 
Friday filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Delaware, with Bose - officially named the five patents, they say violates shot: two frequency compensation technology patents, patents and three signal processing. Few details, but action was first reported earlier today by the CNBC Twitter account. 
Off: Bose - sued Apple beats noise canceling headphones patents. (By "cnbcjosh) to Apple 
  - CNBC (@ CNBC) July 25, 2014 
Prior to sue Apple will eventually overcome the collection, will reportedly $ 2.6 billion in mid-September, $ 400 million in cash and stock. After the acquisition, the company will officially own rhythm, electronics, headphones and hardware business, and rhythmic music, their new music streaming service. Despite speculation that Apple just playing catch up with the music industry to buy competitors, the company remains confident in the acquisition despite the massive price tag - although it is unknown whether the Bose lawsuit, which could take months before formal court heard clearly, a legal team will deal with Apple or rhythm.
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2014-Jul-24 - The next 13 positions open Microsoft Store

Microsoft has launched retail stores in the United States for several years. A new CEO as an important strategic changes in the company's head of Satya Nadella, you can put an ax retail locations. But it is unlikely: As jobs in the United States has found 13 positions will open in the near future. 
It also includes two stores in Canada, but so far Microsoft has when or if Microsoft store will open in other parts of the world quiet. 13 upcoming stores as follows: Calgary Transportation Center, AB, Canada 
At the southern end of the street in Durham, NC 
At the southern end of the street in Durham, NC 
Westfield Topanga in canoga Park, CA (September 21 release) 
baybrook Mall Friendswood, TX 
North Carolina Charlotte, NC 
North Carolina Charlotte, NC 
Destiny USA in Syracuse, New York 
NorthPark Center in Dallas, TX 
Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, AZ 
Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie, LA 
Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD 
In hi Ruiluo Si Cerritos Center, CA 
Toronto Eaton Centre Toronto, Canada 
Woodland Hills Place, Tulsa, good 
Microsoft did not provide any timetable for when these stores will be open, but we can expect them to open in the next few months. In addition, each time Microsoft has opened a new store, they throw a huge party to celebrate, usually including a famous artist free concert. 
Now, Microsoft is now fully operational hardware and mobile phones to the surface, these stores will serve to educate consumers so that they can go with a device operating time of a key component.

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2014-Jul-24 - Microsoft's software continues to expand on the Amazon Fire Equipment OneNote

Since the takeover of the Microsoft CEO role, he has been to ensure that the driving force of Microsoft software everywhere. Although Ballmer may have started in the office ipad initiative, the application to be released once he took over the role. Nadella said several times, including in wpc14, Microsoft is looking at the screen, each one today as an opportunity to continue to OneNote topic. 
Microsoft OneNote now announced Kindle Fire and fire calls. Although the Amazon ecosystem is a derivative of Android, Microsoft also demonstrated the Amazon app store but it is by no means a huge project. However, if you have an Amazon's device, you can now get Microsoft's notebook application for these devices. 
Microsoft has indicated that the software will be everywhere, and you, including competing devices. This is a unique strategy for Google and Apple has kept its software to lock their own devices, Microsoft wants you to use their products regardless of your operating system choice. 
While you may think that this reduces the competitive edge with other devices to share Microsoft's Windows Phone, which is Microsoft's core features to keep its user base is more important. There are other ways to distinguish as between Windows Phone devices to provide better equipment and Cortana interoperability features. 
Yesterday we reported, OS X 10.10 beta is available today, and Apple has invited the public to begin sending test for OS X Yosemite National Park. β is only the first one hundred people have signed up, if you do not, you can get your name on the list here 
Invitation will reach your inbox, will provide you with information on how to download the test. Construction has developed a version of the channel than the release, but we do not know what is wrong, if there is new, is fixed in the latest version of the operating system. 
Nevertheless, we use the latest developer preview a few days, it is stable. There are some graphical errors here and there, and occasionally an application will be locked up, but most importantly, it runs fine. 
If you have a question about a public Beta version, make sure to enter our forum, OS X 10.10 lively discussion is taking place.
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2014-Jul-24 - Microsoft's latest video to show off their style at low cost lumia 530

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced their latest low-end lumia, 530. The entry-level device is lumia to the Successor 520 is inhibited and a huge driving force behind the numbers have grown in Microsoft's mobile parts. 
Show non-Microsoft introduced new equipment, increasing Ancelotti new video program, my phone is able to afford the price, one is 247 yuan / (115) in taxes and subsidies) for the version of the single card. In such a low price furniture, we expect some of the papers to fly the local retail. The second video than other low-end devices lumia 530 and you would expect out of the top 530. 
Since Microsoft to buy Nokia mobile their arms, but it is the wages of 58,000 devices. Deal officially closed that night in April. We will have a better understanding of the Microsoft's ability to sell mobile phones in the next quarter to close at the end of September. 
We will not see it in the Windows Phone statistics, see its knowledge long enough for the 530 units to make the A-share market presence in the Windows Phone every month. See is that the device 520 is still dominant, we do not want it to be too long, so it is in the market since the data show that the cost of entry is very low. 
Taylor, in Ke Tana's personal assistant voice actor, has revealed that Microsoft only work for Windows Mobile on our site. 
Microsoft says Halo voice actors, Taylor will provide Windows Phone, Ke Tana's voice, however, a team of Microsoft employees work together Cortana said, Taylor's voice will be limited facilities in the United States. 
"Sm4llzie she will not have a British accent Taylor: (
- @ ThatMicrosoftGuy (@ ThatMcrosoftGuy) July 23, 2014 
Ke Tana said to be launched in the UK, it may feature a different actor's British accent sounds. Similar trends are expected to comply with the personal assistant of all countries, in the coming months will become available. 
This news may not be surprising considering the positioning of some level in order to cater to the needs of the global population. However, the majority of Xbox users have become accustomed to the sound of Taylor from Halo game may feel a bit strange, initially Cortana with different accents.

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2014-Jul-24 - "Titanfall" map pack launched major updates on July 31 a new credit system

"Titanfall" will reach users in the second map pack on July 31, and a major update, it will bring a whole new game currency system. 
"Edge frontier," the new map pack will include maps of the three previously announced, the fifth title update will bring a system that allows users to buy and burn cards and badges Titans game credit, but the developers stressed credit rebirth reality will not spend the money. This system, known as the "black market," but once they reach 11 users; has regenerated user generated regardless of the level of the next players continue to enter the black market. 
Users will get credit for the game and win the game. In addition, once the player reaches 50, his or her part of XP to win every game will be converted into credits. Cards will also burn through the black market, they do not want, to announce the rebirth rather than allowing users to simply abandon them. Flashcard package purchase will be sorted by the type of black market, but in each package card is randomly selected class card (a weapon pack contains a random weapon burns bard, for example). 
Rebirth stressed micro-credit system does not include transaction, meaning that users do not have to buy a burn bag with the real world money. 
"Edge frontier," declared three game map pack will cost $ 10, respectively, although the "titanfall" season pass section, including three announced map pack $ 25. 
Microsoft released the first trailer "Halo: nightfall," Let the fans their first glimpse of the upcoming digital video sequences. 
"Twilight," "Halo between 5 events: Keeper," "Halo 4" and the star of Mike Coulter occur, they will be released as a game character key role in next year's Xbox game franchise . Microsoft representatives to discuss today's comic series in San Diego, said it on the console of interactive entertainment. 
Few episodes known about the series, while the trailer indicates a "element", "selectively kill human, nothing else" is a point of the main story. According to the group in the comics, Locke and compatriots, "caught in a terrible terrorist attack and investigation of terrorist activities on Cassandra distant colonial world." Microsoft said, "evening" Halo game will be connected to the "new way," although What features does not offer a program series. 
"Twilight" is scheduled to begin in November 11 digits on Xbox Live and will be included in the "Halo: Master main collection," a remake of the first four Xbox, in the franchise's main storyline.

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2014-Jul-24 - Microsoft and Sun expand strategic alliance partnership

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced, Sun has signed on as a Windows Server ® Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). In addition, Sun and Microsoft will work together to promote Sun x64-based Systems Windows Server operating system deployment. 

"Today's announcement once again demonstrates Microsoft's solemn commitment in terms of 64-bit computing. Bob Muglia, senior vice president of Microsoft's Server and Tools Business, said, "Sun hardware platform will provide a solid foundation for Windows ®-based enterprise solutions, these solutions include Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft SQL Server ™, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Edition and so on. By working with Sun, our customers have one more choice of Windows Server OEM partners. 

"With the industry's most innovative x64 systems and storage products, Sun can support the world's leading operating system, Solaris and Windows. Now, customers can Sun's energy-efficient x64 systems, Windows and Solaris brings to enjoy the benefits of virtualization. John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems, said, "Microsoft's recognition of our x64 systems and storage products, but also fully demonstrates the excellent system design characteristics of these products. 

The two sides to increase investment in the field of interoperability initiatives, built on both sides initially signed in April 2004 on the basis of a cooperation agreement. Since then, Microsoft and Sun in Web services, identity management, thin clients, systems management and Windows Server engineering and other aspects of a series of interoperability and cooperation. Sun offers Windows Server installation and preparation services through its Customer Ready Systems program, providing customers with a higher pre-integration and testing needs to provide support. In addition, the two companies also Sun's Web services interoperability technologies (called Project Tango) above, the establishment of the Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Microsoft. Achieved between NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Communication Foundation closer interaction operational foundation. Sun is also a founding member of Microsoft's interoperability vendor alliance (Microsoft Interop Vendor Alliance) and Microsoft Certified Gold Partner (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner).
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2014-Jul-24 - What is a "Microsoft design"?

Microsoft now has a 38 year history of this annual sales of over 50 billion U.S. dollars, more than 90,000 employees (excluding acquisitions Nokia) technology giant, in the face of slack post-PC era of Internet, perennial mainstream media has been criticized by industry experts. In the mobile and online business lackluster, the time lag will always usher in a major adjustment of internal personnel. Just past the center of high recombination distance in just the last five years, and now the focus is no longer talking about the movers and shakers in Seattle once over the four-color flag fluttering in the wind, but the loss of Steve Jobs of Apple Design and make stunning move to Hollywood sci-fi movie reality Google kid. 
And now the momentum really like Microsoft Media mouth expert analysis as has-been yet? At the other end of the consumer there, Microsoft really has seemed irrelevant yet? Today, I know talk about Microsoft in the end is what kind of. Very fortunate, I went to Microsoft several times a year, sometimes simply stroll to visit with friends, and sometimes it is official. 
I saw it from the moment Windows 8, Microsoft is preparing to head to toe like a thorough big change, say goodbye to the past. From the second version of Microsoft Windows Logo way history has evolved, that version never like this grand invited America's most famous graphic design company "pentagram" consulting redesigned Windows visual brand communication. The strong sense of perspective Windows brand new design, people loved. The original four-color flag was re-defined as a color geometry, at first glance, it's like I do not know since turned floated visual experience, shake your senses. 
This little-known company's brand re-move changes are reflected in those old perennial lackluster corporate fast not competitive body. Microsoft's big change is coming out from a lot of people do not look good. His second big money business Office logo are all brand corresponding replacement, a new generation of Office logo see all designed around a theme style, and that is: Windows. Even the latest version of Microsoft's official web page and all of its sites, almost all using Windows Modern big color tile designs in a unified style, unified design, I think Microsoft has done this thorough. 
In the post-PC era, consumer entertainment hardware at Microsoft and artistic works better than Apple can be so very delightful combination of sharp eyes, but also to grasp the various needs of users to be different. I really appreciate Esslinger's "A Fine Line" ("between the line") ? Michael Moritz from the beginning of a sentence: 
"You can taste a great success, design and production can be a soul mate, a person's vision can shape a product or a company. The final design of the product can change the fate of the company, while also becoming an essential partner in our lives. 
Microsoft today also trying to reshape its own brand quality, bright blue of Windows, crimson Office, from Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8, from the Arc Touch touch to Kinect somatosensory; on the other hand, have come from some unseen touch vain products, acts as the driving force behind the industry. Microsoft Research located in the world's most dazzling technology and education to those areas, every iteration of new products make me feel a little bit different from Microsoft's.

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2014-Jul-24 - Missteps: Microsoft should not restore the Start button

In the recently released Windows 8.1 update screenshot, we see that Microsoft had not a small improvement in the update, Windows 8.1 update is expected in the second half of the year will appear on the consumer's desktop. These updates include a more humane setting application, users no longer need to go to the Control Panel complex set; richer multi-tasking system, you can display more applications, applications with a unified multi-screen support and screen of the search. 
Another was undoubtedly the most outside attention back to the lower left corner of the desktop Start button, the Start button functionality with Windows8 operating system before the start button is not much difference, and now it's back. 
Logical thinking of the Start menu 
First, these changes are most concerned about the user above mentioned changes. "Setting the application function, and the search results are not uniform, install the software multiple shortcut icon will appear on the Modern interface, these issues will be addressed in this update for example Modern under. 
Windows 8 interface can be said to some extent over-simplified, but the view is flat, which forces developers to design applications in the program are like. Many applications look good when in Small screen, but exclusively a screen becomes very simple. The traditional desktop software allows users to automatically set the display size of the software, while Windows 8 applications only three dimensions. There are some applications in Windows 8 reduced to 1/4 of the screen after the contents inside could barely see, for example, comes with a PDF reader and IE browsers have this problem. 
Windows 8 applications split-screen format is also a problem, for example, there is no half and half of the split screen (this can be achieved in split screen mode on the desktop software), which means that users can not use the application when two equally can only select one of the two intermediate application call the shots, another pushed to the side. Used all know Windows 8 with Windows 8 applications online and watching movies, it is almost impossible to achieve at the same time, because no one can do video put on end, while IE is not fully accounted for the small screen web browsing. So, Windows 8 users always want to customize the split-screen or split screen with more options. 
But I was not sure whether it is worth the update of Microsoft, in particular, about the return of the Windows Start button. Windows Start button fate has been a hot issue of concern to consumers and critics, but I think, so start button return is very wrong, very unwise decision.

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2014-Jul-24 - Specifications: The Nokia Lumia 530 Comparison appeal, Lumia 630

After just three months, announced the Nokia Lumia 630 as its new entry-level Windows Phone 8.1 devices, Microsoft today released the Lumia 530 slots at the bottom of the range, Nokia's Windows Phone is always the most affordable. 
Ultra-low-cost handsets is the first big step towards Microsoft's smartphone to drive its cheaper price point since last week announced that it would stop its range of urban functions of the phone. The company will be the most sensitive to price Lumia 530 main target buyers, especially those in emerging markets may buy their first smartphone. 
€ Price € 85 ($ 115 / £ 67 pounds) of taxes and subsidies Lumia 530 before the weakened 630 (€ 119/162 美元 / £ 95) about 29%, which is for those on a tight budget, a fairly big deal. Of course, when you reduce costs, you have to cut features aspects. 
When we found our Lumia 630 review Nokia dropped some of the features of the device, resulting in an imperfect user experience. The lack of a dedicated camera key is one such problem, which makes access to the camera phone in a pocket or purse more troublesome experience. 
We also lowered the lack of an ambient light sensor 630, which means that users will have to spend a lot of time to adjust the brightness of the display, or to insist on maximum brightness settings and battery life to get them to hit. After less than a camera flash and no front camera, but also frustrating, especially considering some of the other devices in its price range to include these features. 
The Lumia 530, not surprisingly, these limitations are too heavy, it has a smaller size in other areas, with its slightly more expensive compared to siblings. 
Its screen is less than 4 inches (630 and 115mm), it has a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 chipset (at 630 Snapdragon 400) and stored in 630 half done, only 4GB board - though, like 630, it includes a Qatar 128GB MicroSD slot. 
The Lumia 530 will not go on sale until August, we have to wait until we can try it can be converted to its specifications for real-world user experience to make judgments, to see how the Lumia 630, the low-end market and the fact that other devices .

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2014-Jul-23 - Apple's $ 2,014 in fiscal Q3: 37.43bn revenue; 35.2m sales of iPhone, iPad 13.3M

Apple today announced fiscal 2014 third quarter financial results (Lunar New Year in the second quarter). The company reported revenues of $ 37.43bn, making $ 7.7 billion net income. 
Here are some highlights from today's announcement: 
Sales iPhone, broadly in line with expectations 35.2m for sale, only slightly lower than the expected figure of about 36 million. Even so, iPhone sales grew by 12.8% 
ipad sales lower than expected - 13.3M been sold, but investors and analysts expected, this figure will within the range of 14 to 15,000,000 in. Earnings per share of $ 1.28 per share slightly above the $ 1.23 forecast chart 
Revenue of about $ 38 billion was slightly lower than expected 
? Gross margin of 39.4% (from 36.9% a year earlier) 
? Gross margin of 39.4% (from 36.9% a year earlier) 
Apple MAC outperformed the market with its sales increased by 18%, which is in a larger PC market is still very strong performance. 
Tablet PC sales continue a slight problem, Apple, although the company basically defines this part of the market with its groundbreaking ipad. 
Tablet PC sales continue a slight problem, Apple, although the company basically defines this part of the market with its groundbreaking ipad. After a lot of sales, the dream of its competitors, this is the second consecutive quarter, ipad sales decline. Nevertheless, the company is still a lot of sales iPad, despite this decline, and compared to other manufacturers can achieve very high profits. 
Company released? Next quarter guidance, expected to be approximately $ 37 billion of the $ 40 billion, of the total profits of income 37-38. The next quarter will be Apple's a big, major new products will be introduced, including a larger iPhone, ahead of the holidays. Rumors also insisted that the company will eventually make the long-awaited device to enter the market, but it will not launch until October.

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2014-Jul-23 - The talk of a vnext Windows operating system, the integration of

We know that Microsoft is working on the next iteration of Windows, called internal and external, window threshold, most call it Windows 9. Although we do not know that Microsoft will call it Windows 9 operating system when the market, which took a little time to talk about the upcoming phone platform in surplus. 
In the earnings conference call, the talk about how they will combine the efforts of Windows. He said they will simplify the operating system is a fusion of three screen sizes of various operating systems, they will combine all of their stores can be easily found application in the entire ecosystem as well. 
At the end of the phone, answering questions at the time, to clarify what he said when the additional information, if they would do their business models. In response to an analyst's question, it is a team, a layered architecture, the roof and all the windows one at a store more. 
For those of you have been in the Windows announcement closely, you will know that most of the information is not new, but open to hear it again, it means that the program and will be executed after the release. 
While we would love to hear the details of their plan the next iteration of Windows, one thing is for sure, Microsoft is not shy when it comes to Windows threshold. So far, it has been referred to as the construction of many of the larger meeting, wood-plastic composite materials and the latest events, its quarterly earnings call. 
Nadella said they would talk about a wave of more enhancements in the coming months under Windows, but did not provide any detailed schedule announcement. 
People always over-year for the new iPhone launch, excitement, and it looks like Apple has great confidence in its 2014 products. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has ordered 80 million units of production lines, can be expected to fall soon. 
Rumors about the iPhone 6 models have been together for almost a year. If they are convinced that Apple will soon launch two new models, like last year, both large sapphire high-resolution display. Both models have features were 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen. 
Now, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple in its new model, I believe they ordered the records from 80000000 smartphone manufacturer's settings. This figure far exceeds the 50-60 million devices last year, and later led to shortages around the world.

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